Which Sports Psychologist Would I Work With?

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‘Which of the sports psychologists from Condor Performance would I work with if I decided to go ahead’?

Of course, a very important question to address right at the beginning.

The first thing to mention is the vast majority of people who contact us do so by either filling in one of our Mental Toughness Questionnaires or by sending us an email or filling in the form on the Contact Us page.

When they do one of these they normally provide us with a fair amount of information about who they are, where they are, and what sport or performance area they’re involved in.

And because of those, it allows us to ask the member of our team of sport and performance psychologists who is most likely to be the “best fit” to then contact them.

So in the majority of the situations, the person you first hear from will be the psychologist that you would work with if you decided to go ahead.

From time to time, of course, based on various different schedules this may not be possible.

And in those circumstances, it simply a case that the person that you would work is not available [on leave, for example] and we didn’t want to wait for them to become available in order to respond to your inquiry.

Having said all of that, we have a small but growing team of psychologists who we have a huge amount of confidence. We really do believe that despite variances in backgrounds, locations, age and gender that all of them have been extremely well-trained in order to provide you with the best possible service.

And therefore, from our perspective, it doesn’t actually feel like it makes a huge amount of difference who you would be working with.

But of course, we will always factor in several aspects such as your sport and your location when making that decision.

It may be that one of our psychologists is better placed to have sessions in your time zone or it could be that one of the psychologists has a lot more experience working with athletes of your particular sport.

All of this will be taken into consideration, and you could be rest assured that whoever you work with will do an excellent job!

If the above has not answered your question then fill in the form on our Contact Us page and one of our performance psychologists will give you a call back on the number provided.