Chris Pomfret

Senior Performance Psychologist

Not for private, public or commercial use without express written approval from Condor Performance.

Psychologist Registration Number (Psychology Board of Australia): PSY0000966671

Favourite Sporting Moments:

The 2000 “State of Origin” Rugby League when New South Wales whitewashed the series in a combined scoreline of 104 to 42 – the biggest gap between the two sides in history.

Overview of Credentials:

Chris completed his undergraduate studies in a Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of Queensland (2001 – 2004) and subsequently obtained full registration as a psychologist via the Psychologist Registration Supervision Program at the Australian College of Applied Psychology (2005 – 2007). Since obtaining his registration, Chris has worked in Australia and the United Kingdom in the fields of mental health, drug and alcohol counselling, education, employee assistance programs, occupational rehabilitation, employment and disability services and of course performance enhancement.

As a senior performance psychologist with Condor Performance, Chris combines these credentials with a lifelong passion for sport to provide individual and group performance coaching to assist athletes (both amateur and professional) with achieving their sporting dreams and ambitions. Chris works with a range of athletes, coaches and parents from a wide variety of sports although in recent years the most prevalent have come from the sports of golf, rugby league, rugby union, swimming, athletics, triathlon, squash, martial arts, equestrian events, shooting, BMX racing and tennis.

Chris has the enviable knack of making the most complex psychological challenge seem surmountable and is therefore very much ‘in vogue’ as a mental toughness trainer and coach as well as being a mentor to the growing number of provisionally registered psychologists that are currently ‘cutting their teeth’ at Condor Performance.