David Barracosa

Senior Performance Psychologist

Psychologist Registration Number (Psychology Board of Australia): PSY0001733584

Favourite Sporting Moment:

The post season run of the Boston Red Sox baseball team in 2004 whereby they overcame a 3-0 deficit in American League Championship series – and then went on to win the World Series.

Overview of Credentials:

David is a fully registered psychologist with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority (AHPRA) with a genuine passion for performance psychology. He completed his four-year undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Wollongong in 2011 with honours. His passion for sport, which has developed from first discovering the fun in playing sport as a child to understanding the psychological nuances required for optimal performance as his interest grew, began to influence his professional choices when he decided to complete a thesis related to motivation and confidence in his final year of university.

In late 2011, David took the infamous Condor Performance sports knowledge assessment and to this date holds the record for highest score and soon after joined our team. Since then, David has worked with a number of different performance clients, both one-on-one and in group settings, which has allowed him to hone his skills and develop a wide range of approaches in delivering our mental toughness training.