I Heard Your Offer A Free Sport Psychology Sessions Is This True?

All of our new clients get one free sport psychology session at the start of their first month of mental training.


“Can you tell me more about the Kick Start Session?”

Absolutely. The Kick Start Session is an additional [free] 30-minute session that takes place at the start of the first month.

In other words, in almost all circumstances, it will be your first session with your sport and performance psychologist.

And it’s important to emphasise that this 30 minutes is complementary and is not part of the flexible consultation time that you’ve paid for.

For example, on the Eagle level which comes with two hours of flexible consultation time, during the first month, you will get a total of two and a half hours with your psychologist. That’s the 30-minute Kick Start Session plus the two hours or 120 minutes that comes with the Eagle monthly option.

The reason we introduced the Kick Start Session many years ago now boils down to the fact that a very important part of working with a psychologist is them getting to know you and you getting to know them so everybody basically feels very comfortable with the relationship.

And we’ve always felt like it was slightly unfair for the client to have to pay for the privilege of teaching the psychologist about them (talking about their goals et cetera).

This Kick Start Session is our way around this.

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