Mental Toughness Questionnaire for Performers

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If you’re an athlete, sporting coach or offical complete the Mental Toughness Questionnaire that best describes your role here instead. The Mental Toughness Questionnaire for Performers, below, is for non sporting performers only. NOTE: If you are looking to provide access to the MTQ-P for your entire organisation please email [email protected] instead so that we can tailor the questionnaire to your organisation and needs.

The Mental Toughness Questionnaire for Performers (MTQ-P) is a simple way for non-sporting performers to gain insight into both the mental aspects of their performance (Mental Toughness) as well as overall mental health and wellbeing.

Mental Toughness = the psychological aspects that related mostly or only to you as a performer. For example, motivations, how you manage your emotions, your mindset and ability to focus. Mental Health, on the other hand, is much more about you as a person. For example, do you have a mental illness and if so what is it and how severe. This part of The Mental Toughness Questionnaire for Performers will be measured by the DASS21 (Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale).

By ‘non-sporting performer’ we typically mean those are frequently faced with the same kind of ‘performance pressure’ as competitive athletes. Examples include (but are not limited to) performing artists, emergency and medical personnel and anyone preparing for upcoming exams.

The questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to complete and once submitted you’ll be contacted by one of our team with a summary of your results within a day or two. This Mental Toughness Questionnaire is free after recognising that ‘insight’ is often the first step to ‘improvement’ regardless of if you seek professional assistance or not.

If the MTQ-P doesn’t appear below (embedded) then click here to open it in a new window.