Mental Toughness Questionnaires

Below are the links to four Mental Toughness Questionnaires. As you’ll see each one is for a different type of role and it’s no coincidence that 99% of our consulting is with these four types of performers.

If you are looking to provide access to one of them for your entire squad or organisation (sporting or otherwise) please email [email protected] instead so that we can tailor the questionnaire to your organisation and needs.

About Measuring Mental Toughness

First and foremost you need to know that Mental Toughness and Mental Health is not the same thing. In order to get a better idea about the difference we suggest you read these recent blog posts:

Now you understand that mental toughness and mental health are different concepts let’s talk ‘psychometrics’. All of our MTQs are self-report measures. What this means is that the answers they you give will determine the results. Only your opinion will count. This means that these assessments are inherently less objective than most physical tests. Take a VO2 max test for example. This test is very objective. So the results can be taken at face value. Although the results of the MTQs are very useful, especially in the hands of a trained psychologist, they will always be less reliable than non-opinion based measures.

Your Mental Toughness can be measured with any device that has internet accesss
Your Mental Toughness can be measured with any device that has internet access

Are My Results Confidential?

For the most part, yes. After you complete one of the above questionnaires it will go via encrypted email to one of our senior psychologists. They will contact you – normally in less than 48 hours – to confidentially go through your answers and results. There is one exception to this. If you are still a minor then the survey will ask you for your parents details and not yours. We will then contact your Mum, Dad or Guardian first.