Mental Toughness Questionnaire for Sporting Officials

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This page only contains the Mental Toughness Questionnaire for Sporting Officials. If you are not a sporting official complete the Questionnaire that best describes your role from the options here. NOTE: If you are looking to provide access to the MTQ-O for your entire squad or organisation (sporting or otherwise) please email [email protected] instead so that we can tailor the questionnaire to your organisation and needs.

The MTQ-O is a simple way for sporting officials to gain useful insight into their mental health and toughness.

This Mental Toughness Questionnaires and the results it will generate are free for all sporting officials. At Condor Performance we recognise that insight is often the first step to improvement. This is true even if you don’t seek professional assistance afterwards.

The questionnaire takes between 10 and 12 minutes to complete. Once submitted you’ll be contacted by one team with a summary of your results within a day or two.

If the MTQ-O doesn’t appear below (embedded) then click here to open it in a new window.

Is Officiating A Mental Game?

You bet it is. In fact, common sense would suggest that officials have the hardest job mentally in sport. Let’s look at a few of reason why.

  1. Officiating is the ultimate test of concentration. Unlike many players of most team sport that can have mental rests, officials are ‘on’ all of the time.
  2. The consequence of errors. Internal and external pressure not to make mistakes is massive in sport officiating.
  3. Officiating courses gets much less funding than coaching courses. This means that many officials are left to their own devices to improve. Given the importance of the job and how psychological it is I would make these suggestions. Get qualified sport psychologist in to design the officiating programs. Then make them free. Just like the Mental Toughness Questionnaire for Sporting Officials is.