What Happens During Performance Psychology Sessions?

If you haven’t done so already then watch our 70 second Introduction Video here. This video will, in part, answer the question ‘what happens during performance psychology sessions?’


‘Can you give me an example of what one month of one-on-one mental toughness training with one of your psychologists looks like’?

Of course. So a quick reminder that one of the big benefits of the month-by-month approach is that it’s not all about the sessions, and that means that although the one-on-one consultation time with our psychologists is important, it’s not the only aspect of the program.

A simple way to look at it is that the month will typically be made up of three components. The first is the session time, and as mentioned previously, the amount of session time that you have with your psychologist during a month will range from one hour to five hours.

The second aspect is the unlimited contact that you have with your psychologist via email and text message.

You can send your psychologist a question or a comment or an observation every single day over that one month period, and that is not something that’s going to cost you anything extra.

Another aspect of the month by month approach, which is very important to emphasise, is the fact is that a lot of the general explanations that we will give you will take place via pre-recorded videos.

What I mean by that is that we don’t need to use 30 minutes of your very valuable, flexible consultation time explaining to you how goal setting works (for example).

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Instead we will is send you a [password protected] video which will allow you to watch how we go about goal setting meaning you will then be able to use your time with your psychologist specifically asking him or her questions about how to adapt the ideas to your particular circumstances.

So, there are a few other things to mention. The most obvious is that the sessions typically take place via Skype or FaceTime video or Google Hangouts or one of the many other video conferencing technology.

Despite the fact that we work from Australia, the majority of our clients are from all around the world.

And it’s purely because we can have a very, very good conversation as long as both parties has access to the internet and know how to access one of the several free video conferencing technologies that is out there.

If the above has not answered your question then fill in the form on our Contact Us page and one of our performance psychologists will give you a call back on the number provided.

Answers To The Questions We Frequently Get About Our Sports Psychology Services
Answers To The Questions We Frequently Get About Our Sports Psychology Services