Sport Psychology or Sports Psychology?

Correct Spelling – You Decide, Vote Now and Share

One of the peculiarities of our profession is that there is no consensus on the correct spelling of sport psychology / sports psychology. Although there may be some trends whereby some countries tend to use a particular spelling more frequently than another when you look at an international level the two spellings appear to be used roughly the same amount. The opinion of those working for Condor Performance is that this discrepancy is a “bad look” and therefore we’re looking to help resolve it.

The initial phase of the process is to collect votes via the below pole from as many people as possible from around the world. The idea behind the vote is to see if in fact one of the spellings is used and preferred by the majority. Once we have enough votes for the results to be statistically significant we will then publish them and invite the custodians of the profession to stick to that spelling only moving forward.

Q1: What do YOU believe should be the correct spelling if we all had to agree on JUST one and then stick with that moving forward?
Q2: Which of the below best describes your role? I am a ...
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Sport Psychology or Sports Psychology
Sport Psychology or Sports Psychology

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