1500 Months Delivered By Dave

Performance psychologist David Barracosa recently begun delivering this 1500th month of 1-on-1 mental toughness training as a Condor Performance employee.

At Condor Performance we love a good milestone. In fact we even love the word ‘milestone’. Without any need to look it up on Wikipedia I assume the word originates from the old stone distance indictors that can still be found to this day in parts of Great Britain showing both the distance to and distance from various important towns and cities.

Well I don’t know where our final destination will be but due to being a company of meticulous collectors of statistics I can tell you exactly where we have come from.

Although I started Condor Performance in 2005 for most of the first eight or nine years the 1-on-1 work we did with athletes was pretty orthodox. Our clients basically paid for one hour session at a time with no contact in between. I can’t recall exactly what triggered it but around 2013 / 2014 we decided that there must be a better, more flexible way for us to assist both our sporting and non sporting clients.

With that our Monthly Options were born whereby the session-by-session approach was replaced by a month-by-month system. One of huge advantages of this change from the clients point of view was being able to have sessions are varying lengths as long as the total session time during the month was about what they’d paid for. Another benefit was the ability for the sports psychologist and client to interact between sessions via email and SMS to ensure the mental momentum made during session time was not lost.

As David Barracosa joined us in 2012 he was one of the original performance psychologists asked to deliver the monthly system from the very start (the other two psychologists still working for us who were around at that time were Chris Pomfret and myself). In other words apart from his first two years – when he was still training – David has only really known the month-by-month approach to mental coaching and very recently (February 2019) he reached yet another ‘milestone moment’.

The milestone being that Dave recently begun delivering this 1500th month of 1-on-1 mental toughness training as a Condor Performance employee. As impressive as this is maybe what’s even more noteworthy is the consistency he’s shown over the last 5 years. As can be seen via the bar chart above Dave’s experience has steadily increased year by year since we switched to this more flexible form of consulting.

Congratulations Dave from all of your teammates here at Condor Performance.

Performance Consistency, of course, is one of the many areas that we help our clients with so it’s particularly satisfying when it’s something we manage in our own performance as sport and performance psychologists.

For more details about the month by month approach to mental conditioning have a listen to the answers to our 12 most Frequently Asked Questions.

VIDEO: About ‘Condor Performance’ – International Sports Psychologists

This very short YouTube video sums up what the sports psychologists from Condor Performance do and how they could help you with your sporting goals.

This video is the same as the one on our Homepage – we’ve added it here via YouTube in case you are having trouble watching is through Vimeo.

Transcription Below

The final frontier in the pursuit of sporting excellence is how to improve mental toughness; how to improve the mind as well as the body.

But of course, you already know that.

You’re just looking for the right way to go about it.

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

We work with a wide range of people from sporting to non-sporting performance, from amateurs to high performers, and professionals.

And our fastest growing group of clients; coaches themselves looking to improve the way they coach the mental side of their particular sport. 

We use Skype and FaceTime for most consultations which enables us to have sessions at much more meaningful times such as before or after training, or in the moments prior to a crucial competition or performance. 

Get in touch by completing one of the Mental Toughness Questionnaires on the MTQ page of our website, and we’ll try to get back to you within 24 hours.

Is The Correct Spelling ‘Sports Psychologist’ or ‘Sport Psychologist’?

The correct spelling is with the ‘s’ using the plural of the word sport – sports. This is due to the fact that sports psychologists work across many sports.

I suppose one way to answer this is a tad sarcastic – it depends if the psychologist is working across more than one sport or not! Truth be told the correct term is ‘sports psychologist’ using the plural version of the word ‘sport’. If the psychologist only worked with clients of a single sport it would make much more sense to refer to yourself as a ‘golf psychologist’ or ‘tennis psychologist’ (for example).

The reason why the singular version – sport psychologist – still gets used a fair bit (hence the confusion) is down to something called ‘word blending’. Word blending occurs when the end of one word in a phrase or sentence has the same sound as the start of the next word and therefore the words gets ‘blended’ and it’s not actually possible to hear where that common sounds belongs. Examples in English are ‘apple lover’ and ‘circus stars’.

Due to word blending the terms ‘sports psychologist’ and ‘sport psychologist’ sound exactly the same when spoken and this has caused some confusion regarding the correct spelling.

Note: this article was written before we stumbled across a very informative blog post on the same topic by Canadian sports psychologist Kate F. Hays where she correctly points out that the original correct spelling was actually without the s – so sport psychology and a sport psychologist. Google, however, suggests more searches with the s so it might be a case of it’s becoming the correct spelling .