What Qualifications Do Sport Psychologists Have?

Sport Psychologists and Performance Psychologists are qualified up to the eyeballs. But what specific qualifications do they have?


“Can you tell me about the minimum credentials and qualifications that your sport and performance psychologists have?”

Absolutely. Before I address that, I would just like to mention that this is one of the questions that I would like to get asked more!

The reason being there are a concerning number of pseudo-professionals out there working and charging a fair amount of money as mental coaches who have little to no formal qualifications.

So, that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Our performance psychologists are all registered psychologists with the Psychology Board of Australia.

This is not an easy thing to achieve. In order to become psychologist in Australia you to complete a seven year sequence of higher education.

By higher education, I typically mean that they all spent four years at a good university, and after that, they would have spent either two years doing a Masters or two years doing supervised practice.

That’s the minimum credentials of our entire team.

And of course, after they became fully registered, then between them (when you combine it) they have accrued almost 50 years worth of consulting in applied sport and performance settings.

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Answers To The Questions We Frequently Get About Our Sports Psychology Services
Answers To The Questions We Frequently Get About Our Sport Psychology Services