Sports Psychologists – Employment Opportunities

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Expressions of Interest

Condor Performance is one of Australia’s leading sport and performance psychology organisations. We are currently seeking Expressions of Interest from psychologists internationally who are eligible (legally allowed) to use the title ‘sports psychologist’ and/or ‘sport psychologist’ in the country in which they live.

For example, in Australia, this would mean that you have been endorsed by AHPRA as a “sport and exercise psychologist” or you are currently doing your registrar program.

Important: If you are from a country where the word ‘sport(s)’ is not currently protected if used before the title ‘psychologist’ (for example, South Africa) then you can apply as long as you are a registered/charted/qualified psychologist. Several part-time, highly flexible, well-paid positions are available.

Please Read Carefully Before Applying:

At Condor Performance we take the ‘sports’ part of sports psychology very seriously. If you’re not highly passionate and knowledgeable about an array of major sports then we advise you against applying. Even psychologists with more of a ‘performance’ orientation (performing arts, corporate, music etc) will need to demonstrate ‘better than average’ understanding of most major sports.

How to Apply:

Those eligible and interested should email a recent CV and short introductory video (in place of a cover letter, see below) to our Chief Improvement Officer Gareth at The subject of the email must be Expression of Interest. This same email address, and not our phone number, should be used if you have any questions. Well really look forward to hearing from you.

Please attach videos that are 15 MB or less directly to the email. Upload larger videos to Vimeo, protect them with a password and then email the link and password. Footage should be between 5 and 10 minutes long and be a motion equivalent of a cover letter.