Employment Opportunities at Condor Performance

Paid 5+1 Internship Program [AHPRA] with Condor Performance – 2 Positions Available

Condor Performance is one of Australia’s leading providers of sport and performance psychology services. Established in 2005 by sport psychologist Gareth J. Mole, Condor Performance is now a team of eleven sport psychologists and performance psychologists (ten from Australia and one from New Zealand).

In 2021 we will be offering two future psychologists a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ to join our team via paid placements. These placements will be 1,400 hours in duration and are designed to meet all the requirements of the AHPRA 5+1 Internship Program as detailed here. This includes the eighty hours of supervision that will be delivered by two or more of our four board-approved supervisors at no cost to the provisional psychologists.

The successful candidates with be provided with unparalleled insight into the sport and performance psychology sector. They will have the opportunity to work directly with at least fifty of their own sporting/performance clients over the course of the placement and be in ‘pole position’ to join Condor Performance on a permanent basis after obtaining full registration as a psychologist.

The two provisionally registered psychologists will be part-time employees requiring an Australian Tax File Number. Starting pay will be $30 an hour with the possibility of an increase to $35 an hour based on performance. Each role will require the availability of 17.5 hours a week meaning that these paid placements are designed to last for 80 weeks in total (17.5 hours a week x 80 weeks = 1400 hours). Fortnightly pay will therefore be $1,050 (before tax) plus an extra 10% superannuation contribution. The 17.5 hours a week will be partially flexible with the probability of 3 x 5 hour weekly “shifts” that get agreed upon at the start of each month with the remaining 2.5 hours designed to be 100% flexible.


The following criteria are essential requirements so we ask you only to apply if you meet all of them (or can meet them):

  1. Eligibility and desire to apply for the 5+1 Pathway towards full registration as a psychologist in early 2021
  2. A passion for sport and better-than-average knowledge of at least a dozen popular sports
  3. A long term desire to work as a performance psychologist in mostly sporting contexts
  4. Permanent access to either an Apple Mac laptop or desktop and the skills to use common Mac software (Numbers, Pages, Keynote)
  5. Good working from home conditions (reliable internet, a separate room in which telehealth sessions can be delivered)
  6. An Australian Tax File number and at least three days during the week in which no other work nor study is required


The following are useful criteria but not essential:

  1. Fluent in a second language
  2. Preference for a practical (applied) pathway to achieve full registration as a psychologist
  3. Competent with social media and the ever-evolving world of technology
  4. Organised and efficient in order to balance Condor Performance client contact and administrational duties with “life”
  5. Some basics understanding of sport and performance psychology principles and an eagerness to produce high-quality content related to this area of psychology

How To Apply – Closing Date is January 31st, 2021

For those interested in applying for one of these two positions please complete the following steps. We kindly ask you not to try to contact Condor Performance via phone nor email as we are expecting a high volume of applications and will not be in an administrational position to answer questions during this initial phase. However, plenty of Q&A time will be made available to those who make it through to the interview phase and we have added some answers to some likely questions below as well. Before 31st January email the following to David Barracosa at david@condorperformance.com. Use “EOI / Internship Program / 5+1” as the subject of the email:

  • A recent CV with at least one “sporting contact” as an agreed reference (someone we can contact to confirm you have maintained a passion for sport(s) in recent years as a player, coach, administrator, official and/or volunteer
  • A five minute (approx.) video introduction instead of a cover letter. Upload the video to Vimeo and protect it with a password and include both in the email to David
  • A breakdown of your marks/grades from the degree(s) that you completed that allowed you to become eligible for this Internship Program

David will acknowledge the email containing the above shortly after receiving it and, if applicable, confirm what the next stage of the selection process will entail and associated timeline.

Likely Questions and Their Answers:

Q: Will my location impact on this process in any way?

A: No, applicants can be physically located in any part of Australia (but can’t be from overseas).

Q: Who will be my primary and secondary supervisors?

A: Most likely Gareth J. Mole (primary) and David Barracosa (secondary), to be confirmed as part of the third and final phase of the selection process – the interview phase.

Q: Can I apply if I am already part way through the 5+1 / 4+2 Internship (with other supervisors / placements etc)?

A: No, we are looking for two candidates who can complete the entire process with Condor Performance. However please add your details here http://eepurl.com/gVMWyv so we can contact you in the future about other possible vacancies.

Q: Can I apply if I am already a fully registered psychologist?

A: Not for these positions, sorry. However please add your details here http://eepurl.com/gVMWyv so we can contact you in the future about other possible vacancies.

Q: I am no eligible for the 5+1 but I am for the 4+2. Would it be possible for me to apply?

A: Yes, but please be aware of the fact that it is our preference for these two positions to be filled by those who are eligible for the 5+1 Internship Program so your application would need to be outstanding for you to be considered.

Q: Will I be able to call myself a ‘sport psychologist’ after completing this internship and applying for full registration? 

A: No, only those who first complete a sport and exercise psychology Masters program and then follow that up by a further 3000 hours of supervised practice can use the protected title ‘sport psychologist’. Having said that you will be able to refer to yourself as a ‘performance psychologist’ which is a title proudly used by eight current members of the Condor Performance team. 

Q: I will only be able to apply in 2022, will you be offering these kind of amazing opportunities in the future?

A: Possibility, we are not sure at this stage. Please add your details here http://eepurl.com/gVMWyv so we can contact you in the future about other possible vacancies.