Will The Sport Psychologist Replace My Current Coach?


“Will you replace my coach?” Is it sport psychologist instead of a coach or sport psychologist as well as a coach?

Let me just start off by saying if you are an athlete of a team sport, then the answer to that question is a categorical ‘no’.

We obviously cannot assist sporting teams to do a whole bunch of tasks. From logistics to player selection and a host of other team tasks.

However, if you are an athlete of an individual sport, then it is possible for us to become your main coach.

The situations in which this is most likely to take place is with elite athletes. Top level performers often don’t need much assistance with their technique anymore. A tennis player who really doesn’t need to work on how to serve, how to hit a backhand, a forehand, a lob shot, and a volley may be inclined to choose someone whose area of expertise is the mental side as their main coach.

Ultimately, if you are an individual athlete, it is completely up to you.

We are very comfortable with being either the main coach or being one of your coaches who focuses only on the mental side of what you do.

If the above has not answered your question then fill in the form on our Contact Us page and one of our performance psychologists will give you a call back on the number provided.